Our Values

Strong and human values ​​are the driving force behind The Storm Group. They guide our actions on a daily basis and constitute a common foundation that the entire company’s shares and respects. These values ​​are the result of the desire of each of our employees to build events on a human scale.


Ethics and moral rigor guide our way of working and accompany our clients.


We address our clients’ issues as if they were ours and we are concerned about how our work can affect the society we live in.

Diversity and respect for people

Beyond cultural differences, we place respect and sharing at the heart of our human relationships. We make our ability to listen and be open a true lever of innovation.

Technical excellence

Technical excellence is a fundamental principle that we apply at all levels of the Group. Serving the satisfaction of our customers, the value of our businesses and the development of our partners, this constant quest for quality is also the guarantee of our independence.


We are independent in our ways of thinking, in our choices, in our ability to offer a real alternative in the market.

Our motivation

The will to create and to transmit to the new generations.

Our convictions

We believe in a multipolar world enriched by all forms of diversity (cultural, intellectual, professional …).


Each event produced by The Storm Group helps an association and highlights its activities. 1 euro is taken from each ticket sold and then redistributed to the chosen association, to make it benefit from the success of our work.